Friday, November 14, 2008

Murder mystery of two young girls solved!

Bhiwani : The murder mystery of two young girls of Beijing Olympic star's village Kaluwas is almost solved.
Sources claim that the Police is following the theory of Honour Killing.
Once again Kaluwas village came into limelight, but because of bad reasons। Two girls were brutally murdered and burnt alive by their relatives. The reason was that they came late in night on festiwal of Deepawali. The accused include father of one girl and unle of thr second one. Other five accused are also near and dears of both the girls.


Anonymous said...

Gush! what sort of honour killing was that? When have humans become like beasts? However, even beasts have got their rights too.

en efe eme said...

that is the reason?!

I don't believe this, is so ugly.

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Bindaaslive said...

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